Mobile ELDIT

Mobile Eldit (or M-Eldit) is a system for studying German and/or Italian languages with PDA devices. It allows offline access from windows based PDAs to the learning materials of ELDIT – an adaptable language learning platform.

The main design goal in the development of M-Eldit was to be used as an additional tool for the preparation for the exams in bilingualism in the South Tyrol region. Though Mobile Eldit targets mainly the users preparing for the mentioned exam it can be also used by people interested in practicing German and/or Italian languages.

In mobile Eldit you can access texts and associated words in both German and Italian languages. The texts are divided into two difficulty levels and are split into thematic groups.

If you have your own PDA device you can download the demo version of Mobile Eldit from the download section and learn how to continue using it after finishing with the demo in the FAQ section.

If you don't have a PDA device, but you are still interested to try and use Mobile Eldit, you can borrow a device from "Mediateca Multilingue Merano". Learn how in FAQ section.



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Note: the system is no more supported and updated since 2006.